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Thinking about letting the stone into your house?

Be it in the form of a countertop, sink, wall, stairs, or fireplace decoration, you will inevitably ask these 4 simple questions:

  • Which one to choose – natural or engineered stone?
  • Which is more practical, and which is more fashionable?
  • Who can fabricate and install your desired stone product for you?
  • How much will your project cost?

As browsing for information on the internet takes loads of time and effort, some people look for designers‘ or architects‘ advice. However, even professionals often miss to keep apace with constantly changing trends and new materials. Baltic Stone website is designed to assist the clients who raise similar questions every day.

Here you can find everything you need to know in one place:

  • Stone types and materials
  • Stone working companies
  • News on the stone market
  • Professional advice
  • Users‘ opinions
  • FAQ

Baltic Stone consultants are here to help, and to keep your life simple.