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Semi-Precious and Precious

Semi-precious and precious stone counter tops are made from natural and selected semi-precious stones bound with transparent resin to create a visually appealing solid surface. With each slab composed completely by hand, semi-precious countertops are truly a work of art, rather than just a surface area. The slabs made of such stones usually look very luxurious.

Semi-precious stone slabs are about 3-4 cm thick and, depending on the type of stone, are more or less translucent, some of them highly translucent. They look like huge chunks of multicolored gemstones - blue agate, purple amethyst, red jasper, green amazonite, pink quartz, brownish-orange tiger eye, petrified wood, even fossils. Each plate is a picture created by nature, a genuine piece of art.

The properties of semi-precious stone slabs depend on the type of stones that form them. Usually the slabs are very expensive material and some fabricator will not work with this material or charge a lot more.



Properties of Precious Stone slabs

  1. Luxurious
  2. Noble colour palette
  3. Fragile
  4. Not resistant to heat and fire
  5. Not resistant to environmental factors (acids, etching)
  6. Not scratch resistant
  7. Not resistant to temperature changes
  8. Suitable for interior use
  9. Hardness on the Mohs Scale - 3-4
  10. Needs sealing every 12 months
  11. Expensive

What are precious stone slabs used for ?

  • Decorative walls and partition walls
  • Living room countertops and furniture surfaces
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Bathroom vanities
  • Windowsills
  • Interior accents
  • Fireplace decoration
  • Stairs
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Spa elements